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I was watching what was going on in my dream. And I could hear your voice the whole time.

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{ soriku [-16] oneshot under the read more, grammar nazis be like scratching } 

                They always had been quite the good friends.

        Always in each other’s house, always challenging the other about anything, playing together, sharing their meals and living this whole adventure.
Now, they were almost adults, still teenagers in the shadows of their body. They lived a nice decade, fighting off these Heartlesses and other Nobodies. One ran after the other and the other kept an eye on him, such thing repeated the year after, but they never minded it.
They were used to, since childhood.

"Hey, what about going to my house, today ?"

Today, was going to be the kind of day marking down the distance between childhood and adulthood.
Of course, Riku accepted. He never refused any requests coming from his best friend -as long as they were reasonable-. Plus, that would be an excellent occasion for them to talk and catch up some of the time they ‘wasted’ on this adventure.

                He hated thinking about such.

This ‘adventure’ this was all he ever dreamed, all /they/ ever dreamed about. The script did changed, but, the adventure had been lived and now, they were nearching its climax. The War, their destruction or salvation and its End.

"Hmm—-" the brunet boy’s eyebrows furrowed and he lightly pursed his tongue. "Do you have… an eight of Clubs ?!"
"Why, yes."
"Whoa, really ?!"
"Of course not. Go fish."

        Now, they were seated on Sora’s bed, enjoying the rare and fresh wind invading his ridiculously big and clumzily built window. His bedroom was still a mess, no matter how much he grew up, the Keyblade Wielder was still too much outside to proprely take care of one single thing. Thought, he started to wash the dishes and seemed to take his parents more into considerations.

Things were pretty candide at this point. Them playing cards, nudging or kicking each others, to the point of almost pushing one off the bed. But, things were nice this way.

"Your mother is not home ?" Riku finaly asked, after winning another card game, the third one of this afternoon, he felt too tempted to let his best friend win, but, it wasn’t his fault he the other was awfully unlucky.
"No. She went downtown with Dad. Y’know, since he’s never home, they like bein’ romantic and stuff." he made a little face and layed down on the bed, lightly yawning as he stretched his arms and legs.

        One of his foot was pushed away when it ”accidentaly” touched Riku’s face, the teenager growlzs and pushzs it away -gently, somehow-. Then, followed a brave fight between Sora’s feet and the other’s body. A fight the brunet boy won, for once, after sitting down and pinning his best friend against the sheets.

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Link and Pit really need to have their own videogame


Link and Pit really need to have their own videogame


I tried 

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Real Diva, Hannibal Lecter.


Real Diva, Hannibal Lecter.

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If I shipped Murder Husbands any harder, I’d be Mads Mikkelsen.